Environmental Advisory Council

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The EAC, as presently constituted, was established by the Abington Board of Commissioners (Board) and exists under Ordinance 1388, adopted December 12, 1974, pursuant to Act 148 of 1973 of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and shall continue to function until this chapter is revoked.

The EAC has been created to (a) Advise the Board and other Abington Township agencies on, and promote education about, issues relating to the management, promotion, use, protection, and conservation of Abington Township’s natural resources, including air and water resources, and residents’ enjoyment thereof, and (b) Work with Abington Township agencies and other partners to maintain and develop the natural resources in Abington Township in a way that will continue to attract and retain residents, visitors, and businesses.

The EAC consists of seven township residents appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Each member serves as a volunteer on the Council for a term of 3 years. Current EAC members:

  • Jim Webb, Chairperson
  • Karin McGarry-Rosen, Vice Chairperson       
  • Andrea Soo, Secretary                            
  • Michele Kaczalek, Treasurer                       
  • Cakky Braun-Evans
  • Susan Myerov 
  • John Sorrentino

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