Yearly Priorities

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2019 Priorities



Ensure that plans for a healthy tree canopy are an integral part of the Board of Commissioners’ three planning priorities.  This forms the basis for long term success. 

  • Comprehensive Capital Parks and Recreation Facilities Plan.
    • (Trees are central to parks. Let’s plan for healthy forests.)
  • Comprehensive Traffic Safety Plan
    • (Trees calm traffic.  Let’s put them in the right places.)
  • Comprehensive Township-wide Stormwater Master Plan
    • (Trees are an essential part of managing stormwater. Let’s use them.)


Continue to advance on three fronts.
  • Forest restoration.  Complete the phase-one forest restoration and nature trail at Ardsley Wildlife sanctuary, and prepare to apply for C2P2 funding to support phase-two.
  • Street trees.  Building off of the 2014 professional inventory of approximately 600 trees maintained by the Township, work with Public Works staff to develop priorities  for ongoing maintenance of these trees.  Apply for a 2020 TreeVitalize Forestry Management Grant to fund implementation of these recommendations.
  • Tree planting and pruning.  Maximize our participation in the 2019 TreeVitalize bare root program, targeting planting in the fall in public spaces.  Grow public participation in tree tending at local parks.


Strengthen public awareness of the value of trees and participation in tending them.
  • Partner with Township communications staff and Commissioners to expand our reach to every resident.
  • Establish a student internship to enhance and grow awareness and involvement with trees.



Guide Township decisions concerning trees.
  • Support adoption of tree preservation elements within the Township Code.
  • Provide ongoing professional and prompt input to matters concerning trees.


Grow participation!
  • Continue to strengthen partnership will all Township departments who make decisions about or oversee operations that involve trees.
  • Partner with the EAC to advance  awareness and best practices concerning trees and water.
  • Partner with Friends of Parks and Commissioners to grow involvement with planting and care for park trees.



Continue to leverage Township resources through grants and private donations that enable the above priorities.
  • Maximize value through participation with the TreeVitalize suite of grants.
  • Successfully complete the 2017 DCNR C2P2 project and prepare to apply for a follow up grant in 2020. 
  • Grow the Memorial Tree program, providing a menu of options for honoring loved ones.