Forest stewardship of the Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary

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Woman taking notes in Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary

About the Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary 

Stewardship of Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary is a top priority for the Shade Tree Commission.  This 81-acre tract of land  was obtained by the township in 1996 utilizing Montgomery County open space grant money to fund 90% of the purchase. A large portion of this property is environmentally sensitive.
Throughout the property there are wetlands, water bodies and steep slopes. Over 85% is woodland. In addition, the township has made significant investment to upgrade the regional stormwater management system. We invite you to take a walk and get to know this unique open space.



Strategic Priorities

The following priorities are guided by the Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary Land Management Plan (Land Concepts, 2006), DCNR Forestry and the PA Game Commission. Press the arrow to expand the information in each section below to learn more.  

Healthy Land
Healthy Water
Wildlife Diversity
Access and Safety

Project(s) Updates

Currently, there are two projects underway within the Park. To learn more click on the project of interest. 

Maple Avenue Entrance: Accessible Nature Trail and Forest Restoration
Stormwater Drainage through AWS (Edgehill/Tyson Reconstruction Project)