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Abington Trees

STClogoWe seek to increase the tree canopy coverage and diversity to ensure a healthy environment. Our goal is to plant 100 mature trees each year, and tend them until they are well established.  The Shade Tree Commission selects trees appropriate for site conditions, and plants each spring and fall.  Trees are planted in public spaces including parks, schools, places of worship and shopping districts.



The Abington Township Shade Tree Commission (STC) was created in 1975. The Commission’s duties are provided in Chapter 42 of the Code of the Township of Abington. Some of these responsibilities fall under the auspices of a township department rather than the volunteer STC board.

Our mission centers on improving the canopy of trees across the township:

  • We help residents understand trees and how to care for them
  • We help residents and Township staff plant and preserve trees
  • We assist the township staff in tree-related decision related to safety, value, esthetics and environmental health

In April 2017 we celebrated Abington Township’s 10th year as a Tree City USA®, marking our commitment to conserving and enhancing our historical, cultural and environmentally important landscapes.     Properly placed and spaced trees clean and absorb storm water, increase property value, reduce traffic speeds, improve pedestrian safety, cool us down in the summer, enhance our health and more!

The Abington Township Shade Tree Commission is a volunteer organization, comprised of five members who are appointed by the Abington Township Board of Commissioners, each for a 5-year term.  Current appointees are: 

  • Carl Andresen
  • Joe Acenzi
  • John Kennedy
  • Rita Stevens (Chair)
  • Collin Watson

The STC benefits significantly from the time and contributions from many.  We routinely host group volunteer projects.  Contact us at to learn how you can lend a hand.

The majority of our work is made possible by grants and donations.  Lead partners include DCNR, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society, Tree Vitalize, TD Bank, and individual contributors.  Donate here.

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