Vision2035, Abington's Comprehensive Plan Update

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Updated 5/1/2020

Comprehensive Planning

What is a comprehensive plan?
Abington's 2007 Comprehensive Plan
2019 Comprehensive Plan Update


Public Participation 

Help shape the future of Abington Township!

The comprehensive plan is a document that guides future initiatives, policies, projects and growth within the Township including land use, transportation of people and goods, housing, township facilities and utilities, and natural and historical resources. Your participation is critical in helping develop the plan and ensuring it is reflective of our community's needs and wants; not only for the Township as a whole but the individual communities that comprise it. 

What do you want for the future of Abington? What aspects of Abington do you hope continue for years to come? How has your neighborhood evolved and where can it be improved? Come to a meeting or share your thoughts and ideas online! 


Upcoming Meetings

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Feedback, Comments and Questions

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Past Meetings 

Meeting 1: November 7, 2019
Meeting 2: November 12, 2019
Meeting 3: November 18, 2019
Meeting 4: December 9, 2019
Comprehensive Plan Development Team Meetings