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Sanitary Sewer Line Inspections

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Abington Township Wastewater Department will be conducting field investigations to locate all sanitary sewer manholes in and along right-of-way (off road) areas through wooded and lawn properties. The intent is to locate and open each manhole for a visual inspection to search for potential problems with manhole structures and sewer flow through the pipes. The sewer mains are located within easements obtained from private property owners and are generally located along streams and swales and sometimes through residential properties. 

To locate and inspect the sewer lines and manholes, Township Wasterwater Department employees will be walking along the pipeline route and physically conducting inspections. Residential properties that have a sanitary sewer manhole on their property will be asked to allow Township officials on their property to ensure that the manhole is functional and not in need of repair. An image of a manhole can be found below. 

Inspections are the first phase of this Township project to catalog and inspect the sanitary wastewater infrastructure. If an issue is found the homeowner will be notified. This project is being funded by the Township and individual residents will not be responsible for repairs. 

Image: Sanitary Sewer Manhole

Sanitary sewer Manhole Cover


Project Details

What is the purpose of the inspections?

The inspections will allow the Wastewater Department to catalog the exact locations of the manholes and inspect the interior of the manholes and pipes. This is critical to the operation of the wastewater system that services Township residents and is essential to maintaining the sewer system and preventing issues, such as blockages and back-ups, that may impact residential properties like yours. 

When will inspections begin?

On-site walking of the sanitary sewer lines will begin on May 20, 2019. Inspections are weather dependent as Township officials will be walking the routes and inspections occur outside. 

Where will inspections take place?

The goal of this project is to inspect ALL sanitary sewer lines in and off road areas throughout the Township. Due to the quantity and vastness of the lines, the Township will be divided into sections and each inspected independently. 

Phase one inspections will begin at Township Line Road at Runner Street, Walker Avenue and Anthony Road and will proceed north through open lands.  A map of phase one can be found below, please click here for a downloadable image.  Those properties located along the thick purple line may see activity around their properties.

Wastewater Inspection Routes Phase 1

I received a Township letter regarding this project, but I am unaware of a manhole on my property. Why did I receive it?

This notification letter was mailed to any resident whose property is within twenty (20) feet of a the sewer line, regardless of the presence of a manhole on the property. This was done deliberately to ensure that property owners, who may see activity on their street or neighbors property's, are aware of the ongoing inspections. Additionally, although you may not have come across a manhole, there still may be one present on your property.  Manholes are often in wooded areas and not easily visible. 

I have a manhole on my property, how will I know when to expect Township officials to inspect it?

The Abington Township Wastewater Department will mail a notice to your home approximately two weeks prior to an anticipated inspection. Due to the amount of inspections needed, each Phase will take approximately three weeks to complete. 

Do I need to be home during an inspection?

No. Abington Township Wastewater Department officials will be walking across your property to access the manhole. They will not to move any items unless they are blocking the manhole. If any objects need to be moved, they will be restored as originally found. 

How long will an inspection last?

Inspections generally last 10 minutes. 

How will identify that the individuals on my property are Township officials?

All Township employees conducting inspections will wear green or yellow/orange vests and carrying identification. The below vehicles will be used in the operation. All vehicles will be clearly identified with the Township of Abington Seal and Wastewater description.



What will happen if an issue is found or a repair is needed?

Depending on the severity of the issue discovered, a repair may be needed immediately. For non- emergency repairs, the Township will post a notice at your home one (1) week before coming back for any identified repair. The repair may require equipment and tools to cross your property to complete the repairs.  These repairs may need more than one (1) day to complete depending on the severity of the defect. If the length of time exceeds the expectation, a notice will be left at the home impacted.  

Who will pay for any needed repairs?

The sanitary sewer system is owned and operated by Abington Township. All costs for inspection and repairs are the responsibility of the Township. If there is any disturbance to your lawn, it will be restored as we originally found it.

I have a manhole on my property and have additional questions? Who should I contact?

You can contact the Wastewater Department at 215-886-0934 or submit a question below which will be responded to by the Department.