Leaf Collection

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Abington Township has an annual Leaf Collection Program. The Township is divided into 15 leaf areas labeled "A" through "O". Each area will receive two vacuum collections.

Residents MUST have their leaves curbside on the MONDAY of the scheduled week of pick up, as the leaf truck will pass by only once during that week. Once the leaf machine passes it will NOT return until the 2nd scheduled collection. If necessary, prevent gathered leaves from blowing by covering the piles with old sheets or blankets weighted down with stones or bricks. In extremely dry weather, you can also wet the leaves to help prevent blowing.

Additional Information regarding leaf collection:

  • Do not blow leaves into the way of traffic.
  • Try to create piles next to the curb similar to the piles created by those who have already raked their leaves to the curb.
  • Wet leaves in the road may create a slippery surface and therefore a traffic hazard.
  • Do not mix trash or other debris with leaves, grass clippings or brush. Non vegetative debris does not decompose and interferes with the composting process therefore making for an inferior product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is yard debris still collected during leaf collection?
I prefer to my bag my leaves, is that okay?