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Refuse Division

Abington Township utilizes a hybrid Pay As You Throw Program along with an enterprise fund.  With an enterprise fund the harder residents work at recycling the higher the payback to them.  They therefore control their own costs for services.   Through this  partnership with the residents and the township's efforts to control costs and generate revenues, it has been a very successful collaboration. To date the residents pay less for their fees than they did in 2006 when we began to implement the program.

The rapid escalation of costs for recycling and refuse collection disposal acted as a catalyst for changes in solid waste managementAbington Township recycling truck collecting recyclables along the street. in Abington Township. Thus began the looking into the feasibility of revamping our trash and recycling programs with the long range goal of stabilizing the ever increasing costs of trash disposal and providing a much fairer and equitable system of collection while building a sustainable recycling program.

The automated trash collection and recycling program is an efficient way of picking up and disposing of our trash and recyclables. The system is less costly to operate, is more efficient, provides for cleaner neighborhoods on trash day, is environmentally friendly, increases recycling and reduces our disposal trash tonnages. The standardized carts with wheels come in different sizes and are easy to maneuver. We put together a hybrid variable rate automated collection program wherein the resident pays for the size of their refuse container and also receives automated carts for paper and commingle recyclables.

The hybrid system rewards the residents for their waste reduction by reducing their refuse collection fee. This system has enabled Abington Township to achieve a 57% waste diversion rate along with a 32% cost reduction for collection. The Automated Variable Rate Collection Program coupled with our hedged recycling market paybacks have ensured that our recycling program will remain fully sustainable well into the future. In 2018, the Township was awarded $735, 649 for its recycling efforts through its recycling of 15,800 tons of material and more than 16,000 tons of leaf and yard waste. 


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