TOTAL COST: $20,758,750

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: C. Abbonizio Contractors, Inc.

About the Project

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Project Purpose and Need

The purpose of this project is to provide for the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians, provide designated parking areas on Edge Hill Road and Tyson Avenue between Easton Road and Jenkintown Road, and alleviate existing flooding and erosion problems in the project area.


Project Summary 

This project involves the reconstruction of Edge Hill Road and Tyson Avenue from the intersection of Jenkintown Road to the intersection of Easton Road in Abington Township, Montgomery County, PA. The approximate construction length of this project is 5,008 feet along Edge Hill Road, and 5,705 feet along Tyson Avenue.  

Edge Hill Road will become a one-way roadway as part of this project. Edge Hill Road will carry eastbound traffic from Jenkintown Road to Bradfield Road.  Edge Hill Road will remain two-way from Bradfield Road to Easton Road. Tyson Avenue, Ardsley Avenue, Edgecomb Road, Custer Avenue, and Bradfield Road will remain two-way roadways. Another improvement includes the installation of a northbound left-turn lane along northbound Jenkintown Road onto Tyson Avenue. Modifications to the existing signal will be required at this location, along with changes to the existing railroad pre-emption. Additionally, the traffic signal at the intersection of Edge Hill Road and Easton Road will also be replaced.

Also included are drainage improvements along the cross-streets and at existing drainage outfalls into the cemetery located to the northwest of the SEPTA tracks. The drainage improvements along the side streets require the reconstruction of the following Township roads:  Ardsley Avenue, Edgecomb Road, and Custer Avenue. Each street will remain a Township facility and will be designed in accordance with the Township Code.

There are several existing utilities within the project limits, including sanitary sewer, gas, water, electric, cable, and telephone. Aerial facilities on the telephone poles will be relocated in order to accommodate the proposed roadway work. Underground utilities will be maintained or temporary relocated during reconstruction. 

The project ground breaking was held on November 1, 2018 and the project is expected to be completed in late spring of 2021. C. Abbonizio Contractors, Inc. is the general contractor on the project.


existing and future edge and tyson


Project Phases and Approximate Timelines 









 Hill Side Cemetery
 Winter 2018 - Spring 2019

1 & 2

 1 & 2   2.1, 2A, 2B   Jenkintown Road, Tyson Avenue, Edgecomb Avenue  Early 2019 - Summer 2019  3
 1 & 2  3A, 3B  Tyson Avenue, Bruce Avenue, Custer Avenue  Early 2019, Summer 2019  4
 1 & 2  4A, 4B  Tyson Avenue  Early 2019, Fall 2019  5
 3  1A, 1B, 1C  Edge Hill Road, Ardsley Avenue  Spring 2020 - Summer 2020  6
 3  2A, 2B  Edge Hill Road, Edgecomb Avenue, Bruce Avenue  Summer 2020  7
 3  3A, 3B  Edge Hill Road, Bradfield Road  Summer 2020 - Fall 2020  8
 3  4A, 5  Bradfield Road, Edge Hill Road  Fall 2020, Spring 2021  9


Project Funding

The project's construction cost is estimated at $16.1 million dollars. The project is funded with 80% federal funds and 20% state funds. Abington Township financed the preliminary engineering and final design phases of the project.


Project Participants

This project has been the collaboration of many individuals, companies and organizations over the past two decades. Project partners and participants include PennDOT, U.S. Congresswoman Madeleine Dean's Office, State Senator Art Haywood's Office, Pennoni Associates (Design),  Rudolph Clarke, LLC (Right-of-Way Acquisition), Montgomery County Planning Commission, Abington Township Board of Commissioners especially Commissioner Dennis Zappone (Ward 8) and Commissioner Carol Gillespie (Ward 9), Township staff, Abington Township Shade Tree Commission, and Township residents of the impacted areas. 


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