Fire Inspection

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Commercial Fire Inspections

The Abington Township Fire Department’s Fire Safety Inspection Program is deFire Inspector inspecting a fire extinguisher signed to promote a proactive approach to fire safety through prevention. Fire Department personnel will conduct the fire safety inspection of your property with the goal of identifying existing hazards to life and property and to provide explanations on how to correct the hazard(s) and maintain compliance with the Fire Codes.

In accordance with the Fire Prevention Code of Abington Township, the Fire Marshal and/or his designee shall inspect or cause to be inspected all premises on a periodic basis and shall make such orders as may be necessary for the enforcement of the laws and ordinances governing the same and for the safeguarding of life and property from fire.

The frequency of inspections is determined through the analysis of several factors including, but not limited to the use of the building or occupancy, the presence of fire protection systems and features, and special hazards or processes associated with the structure. Inspections may be conducted on an annual or bi-annual basis. 

Routine fire inspections are typically conducted by certified fire inspectors Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to allow for the observation of the occupancy under normal operating conditions. If fire inspectors are unable to make contact with an owner / tenant / manager, or if there are additional mitigating circumstances efforts will be made to schedule a mutually acceptable time to conduct the inspection. 

The staff of the Fire Marshal’s Office are certified Fire Inspector Level II and Fire Plan Reviewers. Personnel also possess qualification through the PA Department of Labor and Industry as Fire Inspectors. Personnel maintain and recertify their certifications on a regular basis through continuing education and code updates. All personnel are well versed on local, state and federal regulations, codes and standards including the International Fire Code and NFPA.

Fire Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

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