Delinquent User Fees

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In January, the Finance Department of Abington Township notified property owners of delinquencies on User Fees. At the start of each new year, the Tax Collector forwards the list of unpaid sewer rent and refuse fees (user fees), from the prior year, to the Finance Department for collection. This amount is in addition to any notices received from Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau. The letters direct delinquent property owners to call and arrange a payment plan. If these requests are ignored, the account will be turned over to an attorney (Portnoff Law Associates) for collection. This action is only taken on property owners not complying with a payment plan and could add significant costs to the bill.

If you have received a notice of delinquency from the Finance Department on sewer rents and refuse fees, please call the Finance Department a 267-536-1049 for payment arrangements. If you have been contacted by Portnoff Law Associates you may call them directly at 800-561-7989.