Planning Documents

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Abington Township  contracts with the Montgomery County Planning Commission for professional planning assistance including land development reviews, project management, transportation planning, and community development.  


Comprehensive Plan  

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2007. The mission of the Comprehensive Plan is to defined the goals and objectives for the future of the Township and chart the path through which these goals can be realized. Comprehensive planning is critical to understanding community assets and challenges; responding to changing demographics; maintaining fiscal balance and project priorities; and planning for short term and long term goals. 

To download a PDF of the CURRENT Comprehensive Plan, click here. 

Comprehensive Plan Update

The Board of Commissioner prioritized the updating of the Comprehensive Plan in 2019. To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan update, please click here. 

 Other Planning Documents 

Abington Noble Transit-Oriented Development (2012)
Keswick Revitalization Plan, Phase II (2012)
Master Bicycle Plan (2016)
Old York Road Corridor Improvement Study (2010)
Roslyn Community Revitalization Plan (2010)
Walk, Park, Train Abington (2017)