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Application for Outdoor Commercial Activity

Post Date:06/11/2020 9:35 AM

Instructions to applicant(s):

This application must be submitted and approved prior to any outdoor commercial activity.  This application must be submitted by email to or by appointment with the Zoning Officer.

This application must be accompanied by:

  1. A drawing to scale showing the outdoor portion of the property proposed to be used for outdoor commercial activity.Included in that should be a drawing of the proposed use of sidewalk space, which shall allow for pedestrians and handicapped individuals to traverse the sidewalk. Location of any tables, chairs or other fixtures must be included.
  2. A parking plan which provides sufficient parking to meet the needs of the proposed commercial activity.The parking plan must include: safe separation between customers and vehicles with the use of physical barriers and shall not occupy any handicapped parking area.
  3. A proposed pedestrian circulation plan, including at least one ADA compliant route.
  4. If applicant is not the property owner, separate signed written approval from the property owner.

Engineering plans are not required, however, applicant is responsible for accurately depicting the proposed plans.


Click here to download an interactive outdoor commercial activity application that can be modified in your browser or by download.

Click here to download a non interactive outdoor commercial activity application for printing and completion.


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