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Tree Care and Maintenance Responsibilities

Post Date:06/09/2020 6:40 PM

The Township does not regulate the maintenance of trees on private property.  It is an owner’s responsibility to provide for the safety of trees on his or her property and within the immediate right of way in front of the property. Owners should regularly visually inspect their trees.  If a tree appears to be in failing health, have the tree inspected by a certified arborist and follow the arborist’s recommendations.

If a tree loses it limbs or falls, it is the responsibility of the property owner where the debris landed to clean-up the debris. Residents or businesses are encouraged to contact fully insured tree companies to assist in large debris removal. The Township will not remove debris from private property. The Township will only move debris blocking the street. In those circumstances, Public Works will be deployed to the area of concern and move the tree if it is safe to do so. It remains the responsibility of the property owner to discard the debris.

In some circumstances, the tree canopy may cross property lines. It is the right of the neighbor, who may be impacted by dead or damaged limbs on their property line, to trim the tree as long as it does not negatively impact the overall health of the tree. The Township does not have any authority over residential trees, and disputes will need to be resolved amongst the property owners.


PREVENTION:  The ISA brochure, “Recognizing Tree Risk,” provides a checklist that property owners can use to identify common tree defects that contribute to tree risk and to understand how tree risk can be managed.

MAINTENANCE: The ISA brochures, “Pruning Mature Trees” and “Pruning Young Trees,” reference best practices for tree maintenance.

SAFE RESPONSE TO STORM DAMAGE:  The ISA brochure, “Safe Response to Tree-Related Storm Damage,” provides a checklist that property owners can use to quickly assess the damages, take safety precautions and hire an arborist.

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