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Restoration & Preservation Work On-going at Boy Scout Game Preserve

Post Date:11/26/2019 12:33 PM

 Restoration & Preservation Work On-going at Boy Scout Game Preserve

Abington Township Parks and Recreation Services is currently removing invasive plant species at the Boy Scout Game Preserve along Valley Road in Meadowbrook.  The pervasive, exponential growth of the invasive vines in the past few years has strangled many native plants (flora) and starved them of light.  This carpeting of vines has resulted in the loss of natural habitat and the altering of the native ecosystem. The goal of the work is to restore and preserve the natural habitat to benefit local animals and to provide natural ecosystem services.

The work being undertaken includes the removal of invasive vines, such as Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Porcelain-berry), Celastrus orbiculatus (Asian bittersweet), and Persicaria perfoliata (Mile-a-Minute), and dead trees. Tree removal has been isolated to invasive tree species and several dead native trees, such as Ash. Unfortunately, there were significant numbers of ash trees, almost all of which have been killed by the emerald ash borer. The loss of these trees has let more sunlight in, which has allowed the invasive vines to take over.  Many dead trees are being left in place so that they may serve as snags to provide food and nesting places.  The removal of vines is being completed by two small skid steers, not bull dozers, to reduce the impact to the land and natural habitat. At the completion of the work, native groundcover and/or meadow will be replanted in disturbed areas.

This work is critical to the Preserve's habitat, survival of native flora including large established trees and new saplings. It also builds upon work conducted by the Boy Scouts a few years ago within the preserve including the removal of vines and planting of new trees, whose survival has been threatened by the invasive vines. Please note that this land is preserved and will not be developed. This maintenance work is part of the Township’s planned preservation and restoration efforts for our parks and natural habitats. 

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