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PECO, Natural Gas Odor Safety Reminder

Call 1-800-841-4141 to report a gas leak!

Post Date:07/09/2019 3:25 PM

Natural Gas Safety Tips from PECO

PECO is committed to maintaining a safe and reliable natural gas system. PECO injects odorant in its natural gas to give it a distinctive, rotten-egg odor. If you suspect a leak or smell gas inside or out, leave the area immediately. Then call PECO’s emergency line from a safe location. Don't use matches or turn anything on, including cell phones. Even homes not using natural gas can experience gas leaks from outdoor equipment.

Report a gas or electric emergency 24/7:  1-800-841-4141
Report a gas emergency (alternate number) 24/7:  1-844-841-4151

  • Report the odor immediately to us at 1-800-841-4141 or to your natural gas supplier if outside the PECO Gas service territory.
  • If the odor is inside, leave the house immediately. Call PECO or your natural gas supplier from a neighbor's telephone. Do not use your own telephone.
  • When you call, tell us where you are so you can let us into your house when we arrive. Our emergency personnel are available 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Never use matches to look for gas leaks and never try to look for the leak yourself. Don't flip a light switch because it can create sparks, and don't use any other electrical equipment.

If you smell natural gas or see downed power lines, leave the area immediately. Then call PECO at 1-800-841-4141 or 1-844-841-4151 (for gas only). These numbers are available 24 /7.

In the event of a potential gas leak:

  • Extinguish all open flames. Do not use matches or lighters and do not attempt to light a pilot or start an appliance.
  • Do not touch any phones, switches, thermostats or appliances. All devices, including battery operated equipment – e.g., cell phones, electronic garage door openers, can cause sparks.
  • Do not start or turn off any motorized equipment. Abandon any motorized equipment you may be operating.
  • Do not attempt to find the source of the leak or to repair a leak.

Remember, if you smell gas, leave your home first. Then call 1-800-841-4141 or 1-844-841-4151 (for gas only). Visit for more information.



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